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In my role as a clinical therapist I have found my passion  in helping others remember and re-experience their own strengths and courage. I use a combination of several clinical interventions that have a strong solution focused baseline with plenty of room carved out for processing and simply feeling what needs to be felt. 

In my work I focus heavily on those who are seeking to recover from trauma, the impacts of severe and persistent mental health symptoms, religious trauma, sexual abuse as well as those who face anxiety, depression and ADHD symptoms. I provide extensive education on each topic I explore with a client to help them truly understand that it is a condition or a trauma and not a personal failing. During the process of digging into the trauma that mental health conditions can cause I foster a growth mindset so each client can always experience a measure of hope in the knowledge that they are healing with every new challenge they face.

Assisting clients who are struggling with religious trauma and are wanting to regain their sexual identity or experience is the aspect of my clinical work I find the most rewarding and seeing the positive impacts it has on clients never fails to amaze and inspire me. 

I believe that when therapy is a bold, collaborative and intentional experience, strength and healing are created. 

Additional education:

Certified in Clinical Neuroscience Interventions

Certified in Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Certified in Dialectical Behavior Therapy

U-M Sexual Health Certificate Program – Sex Therapy Track 2021-Present

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